Rise and Recliner Chairs from £695

Getting the right chair
Getting the right recliner chair – are you sitting right?

There are so many elements that go into obtaining a rise and recline chair.

The most important consideration is comfort but this is made up of several different things:

-Support, this is the main element in a recliner chair
-Size, this goes hand in hand with support
-Pressure relief, especially important if you suffer from ulcers or sores, this is ideally built into your reclining armchair
-Number of motors, this determines the adjustability of the recliner chair

Lets go into more detail about the above points by having a free assessment with us.

Cosy Chairs offer high quality Rise Recliner Chairs to customers all over the North East of England At Cosy Chairs we sell a wide range of recliner chairs made using only the highest quality materials sourced from across the globe. Cosy Chairs supply all types of recliner chairs, from fabric and leather through to electric and manual recliners. Rise Recliner chairs are great for those who have mobility problems and difficulty standing but still want to sit back and relax in a recliner chair.

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